Turquoise Mountain is connecting Myanmar artisans with international markets, through its partnership with the Suu Foundation

Myanmar is famous for its traditional handmade crafts: the lacquerware of Bagan, the lotus silk weaving of Inle Lake, the rich diversity of ethnic textiles, world-known gems, woodcarving and delicate handcrafted gold jewellery. These crafts are still taught in many regions, and represent a unique and significant part of the identity and livelihoods of people across the country. However, it is an industry in decline.

Each year fewer artisans work in their crafts, and many traditional motifs, techniques and materials are no longer in use. Turquoise Mountain believes that there is enormous potential to drive sustainable economic growth across the country through job creation, whilst empowering women and ethnic minorities, and creating a renewed sense of pride that is so crucial for the country’s future.