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    Carpets of Afghanistan: Hector Coombs visits Turquoise Mountain for the first time

    Hector Coombs of Shame Studios recently visited Afghanistan to meet with our carpet team, lead by Bulent Ozozan, and some of the weavers we support

    Nuristan: Shedding light on an inaccessible craft

    Hidden in the eastern mountains of Afghanistan, Nuristani woodcarvers have perfected their craft over the past thousand years, adorning houses and mosques with carefully carved patterns which meanings have now mostly been lost

    Rabāb-making in Kabul: The Last Gatekeepers to Afghanistan’s Soul

    In his workshop, Esa is making rabābs, a process that requires unique skills to transform mulberry wood and mother-of-pearl inlay into an instrument at the core of Afghan identity

    Women’s cultural rights in Afghanistan

    Recent studies have emphasised how cultural rights are an inherent part of human rights. Here we take a look at what is currently being done to reinforce women’s participation in cultural life and cultural decision-making institutions in Afghanistan