Turquoise Mountain Myanmar

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The First Phase:

Turquoise Mountain will complete its first restoration project in the heart of Yangon’s historic Downtown, 491-501 Merchant Street, in April. Through this project it has trained over 250 people to international conservation standards, from traditional lime plaster and architectural carpentry to brickwork and roofing. And Turquoise Mountain has just launched its first line of Myanmar Made jewellery with Ethical Jeweller of the Year, Pippa Small, which will be in stores in the autumn of 2016.

The Future:

This Jewellery Project, in partnership with the Suu Foundation, is the beginning of a wider crafts project including textiles, woodwork and lacquerware. Through training, preservation of skills and international export at the highest end, these products will be an ambassador for everything that is beautiful and unique about the country, drive significant and sustainable incomes for women and men, and with this bring a renewed sense of cultural pride.

Turquoise Mountain will look also to take on a larger Landmark Regeneration Project. This living landmark will combine restaurants, craft workshops, and retail and office spaces, providing a place which the public can access and which brings pride. It will train a large workforce, set precedent, and serve as a tangible model of how to leverage Yangon’s cultural assets, to grow and retain its unique character.