Pippa Small Jewellery

Pippa Small has developed several collections in Myanmar in collaboration with local designers.

The designs in these collections are inspired by ancient ornaments, beads and jewellery from the Pyu era (200 BCE - 900 CE). The collections celebrate the beauty, quality and creativity of the traditional hand crafting that people of this time and region practiced and explores their wonderful motifs. The Pyu civilization was one of the earliest Buddhist cultures in South East Asia and it is possible to identify symbols and themes from this period which still deeply resonate today.

Some of the motifs in this collection include:

Lotus: In Myanmar the lotus is filled with meaning. It’s a symbol of enlightenment. The lotus starts life within the mud as a closed bud, rises through the water, and then blooms into a beautiful flower. This is believed to be similar to the journey of man. People start life in a state of suffering, begin to rise towards the light, and finally open up to the true nature of reality.

Fish: This is a very popular motif in Myanmar. From the delta to the mountains, up the great Irrawaddy, amongst costal communities, on bamboo river rafts and in lake stilt homes fish are an essential part of Myanmar life, food and culture. Locals claim the design was originally created in the floating workshops of silver and goldsmiths on Inle Lake in Shan State.

Gourd and banana leaf: The elegant shapes and forms of nature in this lush tropical country come in all varieties; two of the most distinctive are the gourd and the banana leaf. They stand out in fields, jungles, villages and restaurants as nourishing and versatile. Gourds can be tools, artworks and soups. Banana leaves can be shades, plates and hats. Both are symbols of the natural and spiritual fertility, beauty and creativity of Myanmar.