Pippa Small Jewellery

Pippa Small has developed several collections in Myanmar in collaboration with local designers.

Some of the designs in these collections are inspired by ancient ornaments, beads and jewellery from the Pyu era (200 BCE - 900 CE). Through these pieces, Turquoise Mountain celebrates the beauty, quality and creativity of the traditional hand crafting that people of this time and region practiced and explores their wonderful motifs. The Pyu civilization was one of the earliest Buddhist cultures in South East Asia and it is possible to identify symbols and themes from this period which still deeply resonate today.

Some of the motifs in this collection include:

Bells: Bells are integral to the sensorial experience of Myanmar. Take a walk through the streets and you will hear bells jangling from the balconies of old buildings, heralding the vendor carts selling fragrant snacks or chiming with each donation. Take a trek into the hills and you will hear bells clanging around powerful necks as buffalos graze and elephants lumber. And anywhere, in town or country, if you pause for a moment in a pagoda your ears will catch the tinkle of lots of tiny bells blown by the wind or by people’s hopes and good deeds.

Dharma Wheel: The Dharma Wheel is composed of 24 interrelated segments that represent the origin and the cycle of life. In Buddhist beliefs this represents samsara, the eternal cycle, and is a reminder of cutting through obstacles and illusions to break free from suffering.