Um Ahmad (Oaybidah)

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Um Ahmad is a talented Saudi artisan based in Riyadh developing a fashion accessories line with Vicki Sarge and the Turquoise Mountain partnership team. The project is supported financially by Alwaleed Philanthropies. Inspired by Bedouin textiles, Um Ahmad uses ancient methods of bead weaving, tassels and macrame to create contemporary jewellery pieces with gemstones and pearls.

Born on the coral Farasan Island that lies off the south-western coast of Saudi Arabia, Um Ahmad spent her childhood living mostly in tents, where she learnt embroidery and beadwork from her mother. She carries her traditions with her, reflecting her life experiences in her meticulous work. Over the last year, working with her daughter and grand-daughter, Um Ahmad has built up the finish of her pieces to produce a high quality pieces.

Handcrafts reflect our cultural perspectives and beliefs, and perpetuate the memory of our forefathers.
Um Ahmed, Textile & Jewellery Artisan
I am so pleased to be working together with Saudi women to create a jewellery collection which takes pride in this culture and moving these crafts traditions into the future.
Vicki Sarge, Jewellery Designer

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