​Herfah Women’s Cooperative, Qassim

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Traditional sedu weaving is one of the most ancient and widespread crafts of Arabia, practised by women to create tents, coverings and decorations. The motifs, colours and techniques speak of women’s lives in desert dwellings and their skill in creating these beautiful pieces. Embroidery has also developed as a major crafts skill amongst the women artisans of Arabia, creating decorative textiles for domestic and celebratory use.

Turquoise Mountain is connecting with women weavers at Herfah Women’s Cooperative in Qassim to develop products that continue this historic tradition. Five star hotels and online retailers in Saudi Arabia are ordering artworks, cushions, runners and mats, providing opportunities and celebrating the women artisans.

Crafts are a great vehicle with which we can pass our deep ancient civilization to the coming generations, I am greatly honoured to be part of this tradition.
Marzogah Alarmani, Weaver