The Feroz Koh Family Health Centre

As many as 20,000 patients visit the Clinic each year, coming from as far away as Nuristan in the east and Kandahar in the south, and more than 116,000 patients have been seen since 2011.

The Clinic is led by two specialist family doctors, with an additional two doctors offering pediatric and maternal-child health services. They are supported by a team of nurses, lab technicians, a pharmacist, a radiologist, dentist, and volunteer community health workers. Following a comprehensive survey of the community’s health needs, five new medical services were added to the Clinic in 2017: radiology, psycho-social counselling, minor surgery, dentistry, and dermatology.

The Ferozkoh Family Health Centre:

- Family medicine

- Antenatal care and sonography

- Pediatrics

- Vaccinations

- Laboratory services

- Pharmacy

- Tuberculosis control center

- Community health outreach and education


- Radiology

- Psycho-social counselling

- Minor surgery

- Dentistry

- Dermatology