Founded on the Lower East Side in New York City by Matthew Sullivan and John Madtes, Dandelion is a rug company that specializes in creating unique contemporary designed, hand-knotted rugs of the highest quality. Dandelion was conceptualized in December of 2014 while Matt was working for the United Nations in Afghanistan. Matt noticed the outstanding craftsmanship, detail and beauty of Afghan traditional weaving. He learned that the rug industry once accounted for 1/6 of the national earnings in Afghanistan, but had declined after years of war and instability.

When Matt returned home from Afghanistan for the holiday season, he spoke with long-time friend John about creating a company that provides economic opportunity and positive impact.

“Each rug has its own life, and is more than just an accessory within your home. A beautiful rug can bring people together, provide a story while hosting friends and family, and reaches across the world to South Asia where your purchase has a profound effect on the lives of our weavers in Afghanistan and India.