Nasser Mansouri

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Nasser Mansouri is one of the most accomplished classical carvers in the world

Nasser fled to Iran in 1989 at the age of 11 following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In Iran Nasser was apprenticed to an Iraqi master of classical carving. It was here Nasser learned the precision, sense of design, and scrupulous attention to detail which was to distinguish him from his peers. When Nasser returned to Afghanistan in 2006, he was taken on as a woodwork master at the Turquoise Mountain Institute.

Going on to set up his own business employing a large number of young Afghan craftsmen and women, Nasser has worked on a number of prestigious commissions from a whole suite of woodwork for London's Connaught Hotel, to producing all the woodwork for UNESCO's restoration of the Gowhar Shad Mausoleum in Herat. Today, Nasser's private clients include Presidents and Princes, as well as 5 Star Hotels in Mecca and large public buildings in Kabul.